TestnTrack Appliance Testing Log Book Software

TestnTrack offers the user increased productivity using modern technology and logical software to provide a cost effective solution for all appliance testing and asset management requirements.  Testntrack Software allows the users to record any type of electrical equipment being tested with the benefit of building a test history. Users can build their own lists of equipment types and the software works with barcodes and tag numbers.
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TestnTrack Appliance Testing Log Book Software Designed, Developed and Supported in Australia. 
  • Easy to Use (Training Available if Required)
  • Prints Electrical Safety Records
  • Builds Test History
  • Works with Barcodes and Tag Numbers
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Flags next tests due
  • Multiple Clients and Locations
  • Import/Export Data MS Applications
  • Fully Supported By ATTA
Item: ATT-DB1
Price: $699.00
TestnTrack Software (Second User Licence).   
Item: ATT-DB2
Price: $299.00
Testntrack Systems:
This is the package to suit all your needs, saving you time and money. Package consists of; Patrol-Pro Portable Appliance Tester, Testntrack software,1000 Test Tags, (Customized with your company name & Phone number), USB Laser Barcode Scanner, 1000 Barcoded cable markers for permanent appliance identification. This package is an ideal start-up package and at an affordable price.
Price: $1990.00
Asset Tracking Software & Hardware Package
Package includes TestnTrack/Asset Tracking Software, USB Barcode Laser Scanner, 1000 Asset Tags printed with Sequential Barcodes and 1 hour Professional Tuition.
  • TesTntack/Asset Tracking Software
  •  Laser Barcode Scanner
  • 1000 UV Stable, Tear proof and Permanent Asset Tags
  • 1 Hour Professional Tuition or 1 Hour support
Price: $1495.00

Kyoritsu 6201A Portable Appliance Tester 

  • Easy to Use and Operate.
  • Tests Class I, II Appliances.
  • All Types of Leads including IEC and Performs the Earth Leakage Run Tests Easily.
  • Comes with 12 months Warranty, Certificate of Compliance and complies to Australian Standards 3760.
  • Includes all accessories and manual.
  • Includes TestnTrack Asset Management Software and 500 Test Tags
  • Quality Built and Designed.
Item: ATT-6201A-PKG
Price: $1454.00
Appliance Testing
Package 10
Includes the Seaward PAC3760+ Portable Appliance Tester, Test & Tag Training Course and 250 Appliance Test Tags printed with your company name, phone number.
This is a top starter package for any user!
Item: ATT-PKG10
Price: $1423.00